The three main principles behind YZ45 are enjoyment, motivation and BIG results.

Each YourZone45 workout combines the community of an outstanding group exercise session but with the personal attention and guidance of a personal training session to create the ultimate, highly addictive fitness and weight loss experience like no other.

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the situation with normal gyms

Let's face it, people find regular gyms boring, right? Everyone knows you should do exercise to get fit or lose weight, correct? But not everyone does it. Those that do make the decision to get fit often under-train, over-train, or hit plateaus because they don't know what they need to do to get the results they want.

People leave gyms for three main reasons – lack of motivation, boredom, or lack of results. They simply don't know which direction to take with their fitness routine.

YZ45 works like this: a 45 minute workout split in to chunks of achievable cardio and functional resistance interval training. Heart rate monitors help you to work to the best of your ability, utilising the science of EPOC and Afterburn Effect physiologies that YourZone45 is based on.

Add in to the mix a set of highly trained YZ45 instructors keeping you on track with their skills and expertise - and you've got the perfect recipe for amazing fitness and weight loss results.

Backed by science, YZ45 yields incredible fitness and weight loss results.


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