Achieve your goals in 2018!

Train Smarter – Five Tips to Keep your Health and Fitness Goals on Track in 2018.

“This year will be the year that I…

  • “Lose weight
  • “Get fit
  • “Stop necking enough gin to euthanise a small horse”

How many years have you been setting the same resolutions and falling off the wagon before the end of January? In fact, only 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions which if anything probably makes us feel slightly better about ourselves when we flop on the couch in a self-induced pizza coma after a long week of work.

But this year will be different because we are going to teach you how to keep your health and fitness goals in 2018. And it’s all about being SMART.

  • Be Specific about your goals – it’s no good saying “I want to lose weight” without setting yourself a target. Say “I want to lose two stone…”
  • Make your goals Measurable – “I want to get fit” is not very measurable. What is fit to you? Is it running 5km in under 30 minutes? Make sure you determine how you are measuring your progress and how often.
  • Make your goals Achievable – Break your goals down into smaller, achievable goals along the way so you stay motivated throughout and don’t slip up after the first wobble (and there is always a wobble).
  • Make your goals Realistic ­– Sure, it would be great to get abs like Elle Macpherson in two weeks from a juice cleanse but it’s not going to happen. Likewise training seven times per week might last for eight days but what then? Start with smaller, realistic goals and build from there.
  • Make your goals Time-Framed – Set yourself a time limit to achieve your specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goal. So, you might say “I want to lose two stone in three months and train three times per week at YourZone45 (because it’s awesome!)”

There you go, five tips to keep your health and fitness goals in 2018.

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Keep it up!


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