Introduce a Friend to Win £100

Training is better when it is done together…

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My YourZone45 Workout

The alarm bleeps at 7:15 and I grab my phone knowing that in a few short minutes I need to jump out of bed and get ready to face the day. Already knowing that it’s YourZone45 workout day means I prep slightly differently, with a slightly bigger breakfast and more snacks to keep me going until I get back from whatever concoction Ollie, Harry or Anne have in store for me that evening.

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Does Caffeine Affect Your Internal Clock?

That late night coffee could be throwing your circadian clock out of sync. A study led by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and Cambridge University shows that caffeine in the evening causes a delay in the human biological clock — rhythms that coordinate a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

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Keeping Your Gym Gear 'Stink' Free

I’m sorry, but there is nothing worse than working out next to someone who has clearly forgotten to wash their gym gear right? I have to admit occasionally looking around trying to find the culprit for the stink and concluding that it must be me but at least I have the decency to wash my gym gear after every session.

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What's Your Heart Rate?: Why We Use Heart Rate Monitors

Have you experienced a YourZone45 session yet? If you have you might have chosen to wear one of our trial heart rate monitors. If you did you probably noticed your name and your heart rate appearing on the screen, right in front of you! So why do we use heart rate straps to monitor the performance of our members?

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Post Workout: What Should You Be Doing?

You look at the clock and realise your session is over, you’re probably feeling relieved that you can relax knowing that you don’t have to lift another weight or run another lap around the treadmill. What do you do next? Slump in front of the TV with a large glass of wine and a ready meal? I hope not!

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