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Most regular gyms simply give you an induction and leave you get on with whatever you signed up for. YourZone45 is different. You are personally guided through each fun, motivational session by one of our very own YourZone45 Fitness Coaches. Each workout is focused around our heart rate system and the philosophies of The AfterBurn Effect and EPOC. This scientific basis means the Fitness Coach can train you to the level of intensity that will deliver your maximum fitness and weight loss results.

You simply book in, get trained, and begin to see changes to your body!

In the simplest terms, the AfterBurn Effect is essentially the calories you continue to burn after exercising. While many people primarily pay attention to the amount of calories they burn during exercise, the AfterBurn Effect is a whole other, highly important component to calorie-burning too.

Our bodies actually use up extra energy (calories) after certain workouts to help us recover, cool down and deal with the hormonal changes that the exercise produced. The scientific name for this process is excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC for short.

Therefore the more intense the exercise (above 84% of your maximum), the more oxygen your body consumes afterward. A YourZone45 workout helps you gain the ability to burn more fat in less time.

You don't have to wear your heart monitor, but we advise everyone to do so. Wearing the monitor makes each session more motivational. Members that do wear their monitors see more results than members that don't, and this is because they can make sure they train at the right intensity levels for their bodies – thus creating more AfterBurn Effect.

Each YourZone45 studio varies in size, but generally, each session will cater for between one and 24 people. Although everyone is trained in a group, the heart rate system means each member can train to their own personal goals under the watchful and motivating eye of our Fitness Coaches.

Absolutely not. Every YourZone45 session is pre-booked so the number of members per workout are managed. In each session you will have your own individual training area so you will always be doing something!

There are set times for YourZone45 sessions throughout the day. With each studio running between 40 - 60 sessions a week, there's a time slot to suit every lifestyle. To find out when your studio session times are, use this form or click here for contact details.

In Person: The best way to book your next session is at the end of the last one. You are less likely to change your plans if you have already committed.

Online: You can book through our easy online portals by clicking here or saving your studio's booking URL to your smart phone home page and use it to book in at the click of a button, anytime. If you have any problems, just ask your trainer to show you how next time you join us for a session.

By Phone: Just call your YourZone45 studio direct to book. Contact details for each studio can be found here.

Each session begins with a warm up, followed by a 45 minute workout split in to chunks of achievable cardio, functional and resistance interval training. Heart rate monitors help you to work to the best of your ability, utilising the science of EPOC and Afterburn Effect physiologies that YourZone45 is based on. The session finishes with a stretch and cool down. Every element of the session is guided by one of our qualified YourZone45 Fitness Coaches. At YourZone45 you never get the same workout twice. This means you never get bored, you're always motivated, and your muscles stay confused, which makes for an all-round better workout (and better results).


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