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Join the fitness studio revolution that is YourZone45. Comprehensive 45 minute body-changing workouts that are guaranteed to rev up metabolisms, melt body fat and make you fitter, stronger and faster than ever before.

Set in a small group environments YourZone45 sessions are highly motivating, addictive and based on the science of heart rate training. Sessions are set in fun, non-intimidating studio environments for the ultimate fitness and weight loss workout. They bring together the energy and community culture of an outstanding group exercise class but with the personal attention and guidance of a personal training session.

Backed by science, our workouts are designed to burn Kcals fast, increase energy and tone the body. Every workout is delivered by a YourZone45 Fitness Coach and guided by our heart rate system, with member's heart rate percentages displayed on screen in the studios. The goal is for members to achieve 84-100% of their maximum heartrate for at least 12-20 minutes so they experience the calorie after-burn effect and continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours after their workout!

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