How To Reduce Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Everyone's experienced soreness after exercise (especially a YourZone45 workout!) but here's our guide to reducing and alleviating that pain so you can get back in to the studio sooner!

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Saved by the Kettlebell

Kettlebells are king - and for very good reasons. Have a look see to understand why we love them so much, and of course, why you should too!

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How to Join the Breakfast Club

A realistic way to bring breakfast in to your life.

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Get Some Sleep

We're here to tell you that joining YZ45 won't yeild the best results unless you get some proper sleep - so now you've got an excuse to snuggle up early!

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Gamification: What It Is and 4 Reasons Why We Love It

The art of making a fit lifestyle really enjoyable and 4 reasons why YourZone45 LOVES doing it!

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My YourZone45 Workout

The alarm bleeps at 7:15 and I grab my phone knowing that in a few short minutes I need to jump out of bed and get ready to face the day. Already knowing that it’s YourZone45 workout day means I prep slightly differently, with a slightly bigger breakfast and more snacks to keep me going until I get back from whatever concoction Ollie, Harry or Anne have in store for me that evening.

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