The Importance of Rest Days

Resting helps prevent injury

Every time workout at a high intensity in practice you are doing minor damage to your muscles and exhausting your lungs and heart in a controlled fashion. Don’t worry though, as you get fitter your body adapts to the stress and recovers stronger and more capable than before – essentially this can be characterised as developing fitness.

If you do not allow your muscles time to recover between those you can easily develop real injuries that prevent you from training in the longer term.

So, you should rest to allow your body to catch up and strengthen. It’s a proven way of reducing your injury risk.


Find a balance

The key to most fitness routines is undeniably consistency and there is no point doing something for 10 days in a row if you skip the next 355.

Taking a day off gives you the opportunity to fit training into your lifestyle rather than fitting your lifestyle into your training routine. It also allows you the chance to relax any nutritional restrictions – red wine anyone?

Squats then sleep

As alluded to earlier, you do not build muscle when you are training – this is done in the downtime between sessions whilst your muscles repair themselves and grow back stronger.

According to studies, the most muscle recovery occurs during sleep so remember to get an early night.


How often should you rest?

Generally, it is recommended to take a rest day after each day of intense training, with plenty of sleep, to ensure that you avoid accidentally overtraining.

So as much as we love seeing the same faces every day. Don’t worry if you need to take a rest day here and there – we still think you’re awesome