Gamification: What It Is and 4 Reasons Why We Love It

At YourZone45, we know that leading a fit lifestyle is worth its weight in gold – improving your fitness levels even the tiniest amount can work wonders for you, from your confidence, your mood, your self-esteem, and of course, improving your quality of life – whether that’s finding it easier to climb the stairs to work every day or simply feeling more energised to run around with the kids.

We also know, however, that in some circumstances, leading a fit lifestyle can feel like a chore. In fact, avoiding this situation is what our whole model was built around – scientifically based sessions that provide the most effective and efficient weight loss and fitness progression – without spending what feels like days on a treadmill.

One huge part of how we make this possible is the conscious effort we made to seek out the industry’s very best in heart rate monitoring technology – MYZONE. Tracking YZ45er’s heart rates to this level of accuracy helps us to be able to ensure that each member trains to the correct intensity for them, personally, every time.

Naturally, getting the best results for our members is what we live for – but there’s another really interesting and important aspect to using MYZONE monitors in our work out, and that is “gamification”.

Not everyone will have heard this term but as the name suggests, this is where fitness solutions are presented in such a way that they can be, essentially, played as games. We LOVE mixing it up and making sure there’s loads of different challenges and games throughout the year at each YourZone45 studio, and that’s because we believe gamification is important. Here’s why:

  1.     Humans are naturally competitive animals – providing the option for a session to be a healthy competition between you and someone else who you consider a worthy match is naturally going to make you push yourself further – seeing even better results in the process! Win-Win.

  2. We love giving our YZ45ers perks, prizes and pressies. Gamification gives us a GREAT excuse to do so – motivating you more in the process. Whether it’s a free month, a cash prize, or the coveted Workout Warrior T shirt that you’re after, we want to give it to you (and a competition gives us a GREAT excuse!)

  3. We HATE being bored and we know we’re not alone. We absolutely promise you, with all our games, challenges and competitions, you will not even get time to feel bored with our complete fitness solution.

  4. Our YZ45ers are our family. Getting the conversation flowing between you all about who is “in it to win it”, what the awesome prizes are, and who is most likely to steal that top spot gets you all getting to know one another, and us, better. Simply put, this makes everyone happier.

So there you have it – why YourZone45 loves gamification. Why not check out our social media pages to see what the next competitions are – we guarantee you’re going to be itching to take part!