Our workouts are designed by industry experts and delivered by our very own YourZone45 Fitness Coaches, all of which are carefully selected, fully qualified and trained fitness professionals.

Each studio offers between 40-60 sessions per week with up to 24 spaces in each session.

The great thing about a YourZone45 workout is that it caters for all levels and abilities.

The sessions are focussed around your own heart rate so it doesn't matter if you're a walker, a gentle jogger or marathon runner – if you can do any one of those YOU can do the YZ45 workout!

The YZ45 workout is split into different zones with each one comprising of 5-10 minute blocks with rests in between. Each session integrates cardio and resistance into one interval training workout designed to increase and decrease your heart rate, with each block challenging your body and kick-starting your metabolism into overdrive.

YZ45 workouts get your heart rate above 84% for at least 12-20 minutes – This triggers the AfterBurn Effect, which simply means you will burn more calories for up to 36 hours after your workout - this results in maximum weight loss and increase in fitness levels faster than ever before.

the benefits of a yourzone45 workout

Our signature workout - Guaranteed to make you sweat and keep you moving, Target84 is a fast-paced set of 8 blocks of 4.5 minutes each - keep that heart rate high!

Work in pairs for this exciting session - keep working until your partner finishes their block and then switch! The ultimate motivator.

Cash in your very own supersize helping of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen consumption with this extreme calorie burning circuit!

Test yourself with this rapid workout that mixes functional and cardio in the same blocks. With Blitz45 no calorie is safe!


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